ROKPA Women’s Workshop

ROKPA Women’s Workshop, founded in 1996 as social business in Boudha – Kathmandu, gives women from low social and/or economic background the opportunity to earn a living in a safe, secure and clean environment. The earned income empowers the ROKPA ladies, saves them from a life on the streets and enables their children to go to school. Incentives for medical care and school support for the children are provided for the ladies.

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Many women in Nepal marry very young, so that by the age of twenty they already have several children and no chance of receiving any professional training. The more children they have, the higher the risk of abandonment by their husbands and without qualifications they find it extremely difficult to earn a living for themselves and their children. Many end up on the street where they resort to begging or poorly paid work, which leaves them little time for their children, many of whom are severely neglected.

Women empowerment training programme

In coordination with ROKPA Vocational Training Centre, a 6 month course is conducted twice per year at the ROKPA Women’s Workshop where disadvantaged women learn sewing and simple designing. Yearly 20 women are trained to become skilled tailors so they can work from home and provide an income for their family. The sewing machines that are provided to the women after completing the training, help the women to continue their handicraft making activities from home so they can make clothes for themselves, their families or start up a small business.

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