Compassionate Help

It is ROKPA's aim to assist people in need wherever necessary, regardless of religion or culture, with most of its work currently focused on Nepal, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Following its philosophy of enabling the needy to help themselves, so far it has supported over two hundred projects proposed by local people.


ROKPA INTERNATIONAL is a relief organisation founded in 1980 by the Tibetan doctor and meditation master Dr. Akong Tulku Rinpoche, the Swiss actress Lea Wyler and her father, the lawyer Dr. Veit Wyler.

ROKPA is represented by branches in 15 countries, its headquarters are in Zurich, Switzerland. Hundreds of volunteers in these countries raise funds for ROKPA projects operating in Nepal, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

The Board Members of ROKPA INTERNATIONAL decide on the projects to be supported and together with local authorities, guide the project management.